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Merlin Gerin
The complete guide to transformers and packaged substations


Merlin Gerin transformers

An introduction to the complete range of Merlin Gerin transformers and package substations.


Offering ease of selection and total flexibility.

Ground mounted transformers
Offering you a choice of:
■ Free breathing transformers


■ Free breathing conservator transformers
■ Hermetically sealed transformers

When transformers become substations
The range includes:
■ Metalclad Distribution Substations (MDS)
■ In-line package substations
■ Unit substations
■ Padmount substations
■ One-stop engineered package substations
■ Fast-Trans transformers and substations
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These transformers are available in ratings up to
60MVA with highest voltage levels up to 36kV; 50MVA with highest voltage levels up to 72kV and 40MVA with highest voltage levels of
The Merlin Gerin range of transformers is available with a choice of dielectric insulating fluids – mineral oil to BS 148, Midel 7131 transformer fluid (high fire point fluid) or Silicone fluid (high fire point fluid suitable for use with hermetically sealed transformers only).
Transformers can be ordered with a choice of losses including standard loss, low loss, or capitalised losses.
A wide range of standard fittings are available including off circuit tapping switches, drain sampler valves, liquid level indicators and more.

Free breathing transformer
Hermetically sealed transformer
(shown with ring main unit)

Free breathing transformers

Hermetically sealed transformers

The Merlin Gerin range of free breathing transformers is the most cost effective option for the majority of outdoor sites.

When maintenance is a key issue, or when an installation is needed in harsh conditions, look no further than our hermetically sealed transformer range.

The transformers are filled as standard with mineral oil in accordance with BS 148. For instances in which a higher fire rating is needed, the transformers are available filled with high fire point fluid (Midel 7131). This transformer coolant has a fire point in